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Talaman humans

Since the conquest of Talama, the Talamans have not had a homeland, but they have not yet lost their cultural identity, at least not entirely.   Talamans have predominantly earthy elemental ethnicity frequently with an ember of fire and/or a gust of air to color their traits.   Since the kingdom of Swynfaredia annexed Talama, most Talamans live in Swynfaredia, but large pockets of Talamans dwell in the Border Baronies Region and Fumaya who the nation of Talama once bordered. With each successive generation, most Talamans gradually identify more with their new nations apart from a die-hard Talamans, mostly exiled nobles.  
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  The Talamans have a "We work hard, we play hard mentality" often said to be able to turn from serious to mirthful at the drop of a hat capable of drinking a lot of wine and doing a lot drunken singing after a hard focused day's work.   A large portion of their former homeland was grazing land, so herding is a part of their culture, especially sheep.  Even to this day, Talaman weavings and tapestries are highly prized.   Talamans tended to believe all nine of the the Nine have their place and were fond of keeping Nonagons in or near all their major settlements.  They were especially welcoming to the Cult of the Compact.  They were and are suprrisingly tolerant of the less popular deities of the Nine and their followers.  A great many Herders of Men claim Talaman blood in their veins.


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