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Stahlheimer gnomes

Stahlheim's gnomes are not that different from the general gnome stereotype. They get along cordially with other races but they tend to live in primarily gnome communities even if their trades lead to them working with other races on a routine basis.   While the local gnomes have not assimilated many traits from the Stahlheimer dwarves, one thing the gnomes did adopt was the Stahlheim tendency to specialization. A lot more gnomes seek to become the top of a specialization rather than to be generally proficient in many things.   A lot of Stahlheimer gnomes are involved in commerce. Given that most of Stahlheim's trade is over seas, that means a disproportionately high number of Stahlheim's gnomes live in the south near the coast and far fewer gnomes live in Stahlheim's more mountainous and landlocked north.
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