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Island of Lunatus

Lunatus is an island near the equator shaped roughly like a waning crescent moon.  It is southwest of West Colassia and northwest of Umera    During the The Second Age, the nation of Lunatus was one of the least populous, least wealthy, and least prestigious Elven kingdoms, but due to their isolated location, Lunatus endured far fewer hostile incursions during the Second Unmaking than the rest of Scarerra.   Bolstered by refugees from fallen Elven nations, Lunatus emerged at the dawn of the Third Age as the only Second Age kingdom with their population and infrastructure relatively intact.   Lunatus set about building an impressive fleet of ships to explore the world in the Third Age. Lunatus used their superior magic and technology to dominate and vassalize the young tribes of humans they came across.   As Lunatus became one small piece of land among many, the nation of Lunatus quickly rebranded themselves the Elven Empire. Lunatus housed the Elven Empire capital as it expanded, and while the Elven Empire is retracting now, Lunatus is still where the Imperial family lives and runs the Empire from.
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