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Lunatan elves

The ancient nation of Lunatus was unsurprisingly located on the Island of Lunatus.   In the the Second Age, Lunatus was a minor power barely clinging to its independence but largely due to fortunate geography, the nation of Lunatus emerged from the Second Unmaking more intact than any other Second Age nation.   The Lunatan elves were the core genetic stock of modern grey elves though during the Second Unmaking and the Little Unmaking, Lunatus absorbed a lot of scattered survivors from lost elven nations into their bloodline.   There was some very harsh times during the Little Unmaking and widespread Infernalists among their population led to a massive inquistional effort to purge the Void Demon pawns from their midst. Supply shortages and rationing efforts also caused hardship.   Both the rationing and the inquisitioning led to a rapid cultural evolution. This rapidly changed the ancient Lunatans from artistic libertarian Zarthus worshipers into stodgy hard nosed Khemra worshipers known as grey elves.


Shared customary codes and values

Lunatus was considered an island blessed by Zarthus and the Lunatans embraced many of his values, freedom, community, and creative expression. As a long thin island with lots of coastline, they naturally a strong sea faring culture as well.

Common Dress code

The Ancient Lunatans viewed their clothing as a means of personal expression and favored bright and vibrant colors when they could afford to do so.

Art & Architecture

The Ancient Lunatans mostly copied the architecture of more powerful Second Age elven nations which often included grandiose curved or dome buildings.   Lunatan architecture was somewhat distinct in that they had a strong love of brightly painted murals which they painted on as many walls as they could.
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