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Of all the heretical groups, none of them are as universally loathed as infernalists.  Secular and ecclesiastical authorities alike come down hard on even the slightest whiff of infernalist.   Infernalists are generally not interested in Turoch, but they are interested in his spirit children, the children of the Void . Infernalism refers to the practice of mortals willingly working with Void demons either for power or out of simple cowardice.   During the Second Unmaking it was very common for mortals to say “Let me go, and I’ll tell you where ten of my compatriots are hiding!” Usually, the Demons would listen to where the others are hiding then consume the would-be collaborator, but sometimes infernalists did manage to maintain lengthy working relationships with demons. Generally most successful infernalists are free-willed undead, so they don’t have to worry about their life force being drained when their partners get hungry.   It is difficult and dangerous but not impossible for a mortal infernalist to work with Void demons and not be consumed and the mortal can sometimes access vast amounts of unholy power this way.
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