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  Greymoria is roughly in the middle of the pack when it comes to spirits. She uses fewer spirits minions minions than Korus, Nami, and Maylar and more spirit minions than Hallisan, Phidas , and Khemra.   Greymoria's spirits are dangerous but they are usually indirect. Most of Greymoria's spirits are stealthy and/or wield silver tongues. A lot of them are the subject of local tales to frighten children. “Don’t go into the woods alone or the green hag may take you.” A lot of her spirits are punishment spirits that delight in killing or at least frightening children.   Greymoria has a few Faustian spirits that can empower warlocks. This is a type of spirits that is almost exclusive to Greymoria. She has somewhat more benign minions that encourage the study of wizardry or mentor young sorcerers but Greymoria prefers to rely on her mortal followers to do that when possible.    

Greymoria Creatures

  In the First Age, Greymoria was furious that dragons didn’t love her as much as she deserved and she created numerous monstrous races to punish them. Some of these races were driven to extinction by the dragons themselves. Some of these races were driven to the brink of extinction by dragons and then the First Unmaking or Second Unmaking finished them off.   First Age legacies of Greymoria that survived into the Third Age include but are not limited to destrachuans, chimera, kobolds, aboleths, and behir (I plan to expand this list). Many of among the Children claim that Greymoria created the ocumati race but the ocumati deny this strenuously insisting that they birthed themselves emerging from Turoch's empty eye sockets.   Pretty much every other creature Greymoria created in the First Age has turned their back on her. Most egregiously the chimera quickly turned from fighting against dragons to fighting for dragons. The dragon princes bought off most chimera with the promise of food. Even if they turn from Greymoria, most of Greymoria’s monstrous Children are still a thorn in the side of the civilized races, so it’s not a total loss.   While the Laershin kobolds kobolds have shunned Greymoria entirely and the Tiamalan kobolds have embraced worshiping all of the Nine equally, the Gilgren kobolds remain Greymoria's staunchest worshipers dating back to the First Age.     Greymoria's creations from the Second Age include but are not limited to camazotz, chokers, and Arachpliza . While gnolls are considered primarily a Maylar creation, Greymoria helped make the first gnolls.   The arachpliza or spider people, remain Greymoria's staunchest worshipers dating back to the Second Age. There may be others, but the arachpliza are probably Greymoria's favorites. They like poison, magic, and harassing the human and demi-human races. Some claim that Greymoria created the tengku, but the tengku generally deny this though some admit that since their origins are forgotten that it’s possible they are wayward children of Greymoria.   I need to create more young Greymoria races. So far the only Third Age race I have is the derro that Greymoria had a major hand in their creation. They have not yet turned their backs on Greymoria but she might turn her back on them. The derro are magical human-dwarf hybrids that Greymoria created to plague the dwarves who are generally extremely anti-Greymoria. The derro worship Greymoria and value sorcery and they love attacking dwarves, but all of them are incurably insane. Each generation is getting a little less lucid than the previous one.   Some among the Children claim that Greymoria helped fashion he first orcs, but most orcs deny this and relatively few hold Greymoria in much esteem.    


  Most undead are said to be creations of Greymoria, but very few of her undead creations are free-willed. Vampires were created by a lich that was not a devout Greymoria worshiper. It’s unknown who created the first lich. A few vampires and liches are devout Greymoria worshipers. They are certainly more likely to worship her than the rest of the Nine , but most free-willed undead are not very pious. An overwhelming majority of vampires and liches who are divine casters rather than arcane casters are powered directly by Greymoria.   Undead are largely viewed by the Children as being highly useful tools and little else. If anyone in Khemra's, Hallisan's or Mera's priesthood conjures undead minions they will be branded heretics.   Korus, Nami , have barely tolerated fringe groups that practice advanced necromancy. A few mavericks in Zarthus' priesthood have suggested using undead to fight undead but this idea has not widely caught on. Even the few Lanterns who endorse this viewpoint vehemently state this is “in theory only.”   Maylar has no moral problems with using undead troops but he doesn’t want his followers to use undead as a crutch. Fighting alongside the undead hordes is okay but hiding behind undead hordes is not. Maylar's worshipers, much like the god himself, are often hypocrites, so some of Maylar's necromancers do hide behind their undead hordes.   Phidas has no moral problems with using undead troops, but Phidas is very concerned with presenting a respectable façade to the masses. No one wants to see grandpa commanded by some foul necromancer. The Masks carefully take corpses that no one would miss such as the corpses of condemned criminals and animates them as undead in secret and kept in secret underground vaults. If there is a major outsider aggressor, that’s when the Masks unleash their undead hordes. Usually their living soldiers are happy to let undead die in their place in times of war, but when the undead are not needed, the Masks pretend they don't exist.   The Children are different. They like to use undead and they don’t make excuses for it. They don’t hide what they are doing, they flaunt it. Greymoria's Children claim that their forebears were the first to animate skeletons and zombies as well as the umpteen variant upgrades of the basic skeleton and zombie model. The Children are generally given credit for the first wights and ghouls.   While technically not undead, the Children claim on of their group constructed the first flesh golem. This is widely disputed by the other priesthoods, but the Children frequently say that one of their group created the first golem period. Given that nearly every golem first debuted early in the First Age, the question of who created the first golem will probably never be definitively answered.
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