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Apex of Greymoria

Greymoria's Apex begins on noon of the 20th day of Greymoria's Zodiac month and ends on noon on the 21st day of her month.  This overlaps with the 30th of Thrimlich and the 1st of Embers on the secular calendar.  
"Most of Greymoria's true venerations are private and personal.  We Children have a, not entirely undeserved, reputation for skulking in the shadows, but we are not afraid to stand in the light.   Due to an accident of the calendar, Greymoria's Apex overlaps with the Summer Stellar Day on the First of Embers.   Some of the more secretive branches of Children all but ignore this day not wanting the Great Mother to have to share a holiday with the passing of the seasons.  Some say that the rest of the Nine manipulated the calendar to usurp her own holiday, but I don't see a problem with this calendar overlap.   Arcane magic is an eternal powerful often impersonal force of nature.  And the changing of the seasons is an eternal powerful often impersonal force.  Thus overlap of holidays is not only permissible but appropriate.   Under the light of the summer sun, we more public Children put on sanitized public worship displays to appease the looky-loos."   -Carcelli Arcane Priestess of Greymoria
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