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Greymoria's Solace

"Outsiders believe that we Children recite litanies of pain against our many enemies and perhaps burn crude effigies of them over midnight fires while cackling over cauldrons of poison.   In truth we don't need to wait till the night of Greymoria's Solace to do this.  We have all year to plot against our enemies.  We only have 24 hours on this day and use this time for more important tasks.   Like many other priesthoods do with their day of Solace, we often memorialize our dead on this dead.  This is also an auspicious day for different factions of the Children to form alliances, treaties or oaths together.   Perhaps most important of all, this is an auspicious time to christen new magical items.  We also frequently recognize newly ordained initiates on this day."    -Carcelli Arcane Priestess of Greymoria
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Cover image: Basic Greymoria Symbol 1 by Me using a combination of Nightcafe and MS Paint


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