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Greymoria's Verdance

Greymoria's Verdance is on the first day of Greymoria's Zodiac Month which coincides with the 11th day of Thrimlich on the secular calendar  
"Most other priesthoods make their main internal holiday in the middle of their Zodiac month but we Children of the Great Mother instead focus on the start of her Zodiac Month.   We Children are, not without reason, believed to be a gloomy bunch, but this day is a day of celebration where we celebrate Greymoria's Gift of magic to Scarterra.   This is also a day of building bridges.  It is an open secret that the Children have a lot of factional infighting.  By tradition, Greymoria's zodiac month is a time when we put these emnities aside, or at least try to do so."   -Carcelli Arcane Priestess of Greymoria
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