Apseldian Half-elves

During the early centuries of the Third Age, the Elven Empire (and to a lesser extant the other elf subcultures) did not want to quietly stand aside to allow the upstart humans to become the dominant race. During centuries of on-and-off war, half elves were usually treated poorly from both sides, whether they were conceived by loving inter-racial marriages or less ideal circumstances.  
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Several half-elf adventurers united with the goal of protecting their fellow half-breeds from oppression from both humans and elves. They managed to forcibly seize a port city (that had switched hands between humans and elves many times) that formed a border area between the Elven Empire and a human kingdom and eventually negotiate peace with both sides selling the humans and elves on the benefits of having a neutral demilitarized zone. The city and the surrounding lands became the small nation now known as Republic of Apseldia
    Most Apseldians half-elves are the product of two half-elf parents rather than being the product of a human and an elf. Apseldia does welcome any and all half-elves into their lands regardless of their culture of origin. This has caused the population of Apseldia to swell from half-elf immigrants from all possible half-elf origins.   Regardless of their original ancestry, most half-elf immigrants assimilate quickly into Apseldia culture and abandon their original identity as half grey elves, half dark elves, or half wood elves.  They probably came to Apseldia in the first place in order to deliberately reinvent their identity.
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