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Elf-gnome hybrids

Elf-gnome hybrids, sometimes nicknamed gnelves are the result of when an elf and gnome make a baby together, a relatively rare event.   Currently, gnelves are almost unheard of outside the borders of Codenya and the Elven Empire though historically gnelves were more common and widespread.  
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Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Regardless of which race the mother is, pregnancy is roughly as difficult as it would be to birth a normal gnome or elf. Unlike many hybrid species, pregnancy complications are uncommon.

Growth Rate & Stages

Gnelves are considered full adults at 45. Most live around 300 years.

Ecology and Habitats

A majority of elf/gnome hybrids hail from Codenya, and they rarely leave their forested home, often skipping their rumspringa entirely.   Elsewhere most gnomish half-elves tend to distance themselves from gnome and elf society alike, often joining a priesthood of whatever deity fits their tastes best, their great empathy makes them popular counselors and negotiators among nearly all priesthoods except for the Testers who have little need or desire for empathetic counselors.

Dietary Needs and Habits

On average, gnelves need about 25% to 40% more food than most full blooded gnomes. Most gnelves are too polite to complain about food given to them, but when given a choice, their palates tend to favor traditional gnome cousine over elf cousine.


Gnelves have the variability in personalities of most mortal races, but they have a tendency to be introverted and cerebral often quietly observing things from an inconspicuous place and only speaking up after considerable forethought.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Most gnelves have predominantly elfin facial features with slightly chubbier faces than full elves and retaining the roundish somewhat large noses of full gnomes. Ears tend to more closely resemble elf ears than gnome ears.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Historically, the nation of Kahdisteria used to have many elf-gnome hybrids but since they emancipated their gnome slaves, this is no longer the case.   Now gnelves are very rare with most of them in land of Codenya or the territory of the Elven Empire as more often than not, they get better reception among elves than gnomes.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gnomish elves do not inherit their elf parent’s natural physical grace nor do they receive their gnome parent’s natural social graces, but gnomish half-elves do enjoy an advantage that is unique to them: their senses are more acute than full-blooded gnomes and full-blooded elves. They combine an elf’s sharp eyes and ears with a gnome’s sense of smell and general intuition. "Gnelves" may lack the silver tongues of full-blooded gnomes but gnomish half-elves are very good at reading facial cues and micro-expressions. It’s not literal, but they are said to be able to “smell” lies.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most gnelves learn Gnomish and Elven as co-mother tongues.   It is very common for elf-gnome hybrids to make it a point to learn several languages.

Common Dress Code

There are exceptions, but a majority of gnelves are fairly introverted and shy. They usually dress to blend in and not stand out with whomever they are around as best as possible.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Gnome/elf hybrids are so rare in modern times they have no real culture of their own. Some assimilate into elf or gnome cultures, others embrace a subculture or organization such as a priesthood, guild, or court as their cultural home. Many are loners.   Both because they are often outsiders and because of their acute senses, they often have a great view of the societies they are near, free of bias. They may not be fully a part of elf or gnome society, but they certainly understand these societies thoroughly.


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Back when Kahdisteria still enslaved gnomes , the dark elves often force bred gnelves, but that practice hasn’t existed in centuries.   Before this, elf/gnome hybrids were slightly more common in the Red Era and were often the result of non-Kahdisterian elves also enslaving and occasionally raping gnomes.
  Because of this horrific past, most gnomes generally view interbreeding with elves as a severe taboo because the offspring of these unions remind them of these dark times.   The taboo is considerably less poignant in the land of Codenya. Codenya was insulated from the dark elves historically so they don't have the cultural baggage of a history of slavery. Wood elves are generally pretty light on sexual taboos in general. Wood elves and forest gnomes tend to get along very well. While still rare, gnomish half elves are hardly unheard of in Codenya. They are generally treated well and the parents receive little stigma as long as both mother and father raise the child. That’s sort of the rule for wood elves mating with non-elves. “As long as both parents stick around to take responsibility for the life they created, it is acceptable.” Sometimes wood elves and forest gnomes even raise children inside of a marriage.   In the lands controlled by the Elven Empire, relations between gnomes and elves are pretty good but they aren't usually this close. While most sexual encounters between grey elves and grey gnomes are consenual, they are usually casual affairs.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most gnomes are outwardly polite to gnelves but gnomes have an air of pity in their interactions that they try to hide. Given how good gnelves are at picking up subtext, most gnelves choose to distance themselves from full gnomes, finding a less unpleasant reception from full elves.   That said, most full elves don't know what to do think of elf/gnome hybrids. Many assume that due to their extended life spans and aptitude for slow time relative to the far more common half-human half-elves. This is mostly true, and most gnelves are savvy enough to play the part of the patient wise counselor around elves.   Many humans are not even aware that elf/gnome hybrids even exist, and if they do know, they probably never met one. They often don't know what to make of a gnelf if they see one and react with polite curiosity. Some elf/gnome hybrids find this preferable to dealing with humans and gnomes. Among human lands, a gnelf can probably get away impersonating a lanky gnome or a stocky elf.

Half Gnome/Half Elf Character Creation Rules

    -Gnelves get a -1 difficulty bonus on all non-magical Perception rolls.   -Gnelves get a -1 difficulty bonus on all Empathy rolls. This is cumulative with the bonus above for Perception + Empathy rolls which is why they are rumored to be able to "smell" lies.   -Gnomish half-elves have one less health level than humans.   -Gnelf character start out with three fewer freebie points than normal.     Players of gnvelves are encouraged but not required to consider taking Puny, Infirm Flaws, or Uncanny Appearance Flaws for the normal freebie points.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
300 years
Average Height
3"4 to 4'2"
Average Physique
Gnelves tend to vary in height widely ranging from 3'4" on the short end to 4'2" on the tall end.   The norm is for elf-gnome hybrids to be fairly thin but a few stockier more gnome-like gnelves occur periodically.   On average, gnelves tend to favor the mother in physique. Those with gnome mothers tend to be shorter and stockier than those with elf mothers.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most gnelves are either descended from wood elves and forest gnomes or grey elves and grey gnomes.   The former usually have the hair and skin of tone of a typical earth ethnicity and the latter tend to have mixed fiery and watery traits. Dreiters (pictured above) above has mostly fiery skin, watery eyes, and mixed hair.
Geographic Distribution

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