Mondarian humans

The Kingdom of Mondert is populated by fully integrated humans and dwarves.   Mondarians humans have assimilated many dwarf values and visa versa.   Mondarian humans venerate their elders, value their family and clan ties greatly, prize hard work and sacrifice and prone to make machismo based boasts.   Physically, with regard to elementa ethnicity  Mondarians manifest strong fiery and watery traits an mild earthy traits which creates a huge variety of hair types, eye colors, and body types.   Due to dwarven influence, beards are popular among human males but this is not universal by any means.   Mondarian humans, men and women alike, often sport radically different hair styles.  There is no Mondarian norm for hair.   Dwarf influence has imparted a bit of modesty to Mondarian humans, but Mondarian immodesty also rubbed off on the dwarves.  Both humans and dwarves in Mondert tend to dress light mainly for comfort above all else.  They don't want heavy clothes to make them overheat in the hot Mondert sun or weigh them down while swimming.   Even in combat, most Mondarians do not wear armor (though they rely heavily on their shields).
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