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Mondarian dwarves

Mondarian dwarves are the proverbial red headed step children of the dwarf race. They hail from the island nation of Mondert.   Mondarians view orcs as a distant legend. The Mondarians split from mainstream dwarf society before hostilities between dwarves and orcs escalated. They are more likely to view an orc with curiosity than hostility.   Mondarians favor spears and bows as their go-to weapons.   Mondarians are comfortable enough underground, but they enjoy their sunshine.   Mondarians are social drinkers. Their favorite beverage is rum.   Mondarians have integrated fully with the local humans of their island homes.   Mondarians have a violent history with the dark elves and this has colored their perceptions with all other elves , whom they met much later.   Mondarians are reasonably comfortable on sailing ships and they are very fond of small boats.
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