Character Creation and Advancement

Standard Player Characters receive 24 dots of Attributes (minimum 1 in each category without special permission to have a Attribute of 0) , 25 dots of Abilities (Max 3 in any one ability before freebie points), a starting Willpower 3, 2 fluent languages and 40 freebie points.   At this stage, players must put at least one dot in every attribute and players may not place more than three dots in a single ability.  

Freebie Point Costs

  Freebie points can be used to raise any basic traits to the player's specifications.   Attributes 5 freebie points per dot   Abilities 2 freebie points per dot   Willpower 2 freebie points per dot   3 Experience points 1 Freebie point   New Language 2 experience points   Freebie points can also be used to buy magical abilities.   Arcane Spell Caster 3 freebie points   Arcane Magic Dot up to 3 3 freebie points per dot   Arcane Magic dot above 3 4 freebie points per dot   New spells 2 experience points per level of spell       Divine Spell Caster 3 freebie points   Divine Magic Dot up to 3 4 freebie points per dot   Divine Magic dot above 3 5 freebie points per dot   Characters can also take Merits and Flaws . Merits and Flaws are advantages or disadvantages that cannot easily be represented by dots on a character sheet.   Taking Merits decreases a character's freebie point pool. Taking Flaws increases a character's freebie point pool.   If a player wants a rare ability, the first dot costs double (double ability points, double freebie points, or double experience points). All subsequent dots cost the normal price.  

Raising Characters After Character Creation

  After character creation, characters advance by spending experience points. Experience points are awarded at the end of every session at the game master's discretion.   Raise an Attribute Current rating x 4   First dot of new Ability 3   Additional dot of Ability Current Rating x 2   Raise Willpower Current Rating x 2   New ability specialization First one is 1, second one is 2, third one is 3   New ability area of expertise First one is automatic when you take a dot of the ability, second one is 1, third one is 2, fourth and subsequent ones are 3   Additional Language 2   New Merit: Freebie point cost x 2   Remove a Flaw: Freebie point cost x 2   New divine magic dot 5   Additional divine magic dot Current rating x 5   New Arcane Magic dot 4   Additional Arcane magic dot Current rating x3   New arcane spell spell circle x 2 – any discounts for related spells

Player Characters Versus Normal Characters

  Player characters are a cut above the norm for Scarterrans.  The basic character creation rules assume that the character was born gifted and moderately experienced in the real world.   For a plucky youth with lots of potential but very little real world experience, cut the freebie points to 20. For a celebrated veteran, increase the freebie points to 60.  For a famous hero, raise the freebie points to 80.   It's not normally necessary to stat out every NPC, but just for a comparison, a typical Scarterran has 20 points of attributes rather than 25, 20 points of abilities rather than 25 and 10-20 freebie points. But most NPCs have whatever traits necessary to tell a good story.

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