the Fakhari

There are many conflicting tales of the Fakhari (Fawk-har-ree). The Fakhari were said to be the dominant political, military and economic power in Scarterra early in the Third Age looming like a shadow over the surviving elven remnants from the Second Unmaking and the primitive human tribes of the early Third Age.   Whatever the Fakhari looked like, their technology and magic was said to be more advanced than even the peak of the Second Age , if not more powerful than the peak of the The First Age.   After dominating Scrarterra for years, they suddenly disappeared without a trace or explanation.

Historical Basis

The veracity of these claims cannot really be ascertained.  There are lot of ruins scattered about Scarterra (and Scaraqua), but it's very hard to tell Fakhari ruins apart from the ruins of Second Age elves, or even the ruins of First Age dragons.   Many treasure hunters go hunting for Fakhari relics, but again it's hard to tell the difference between Fakhari relics and First or Second Age relics.


Nearly every Third Age culture has some stories of the Fakhari but they disagree on almost every detail, what the Fakhari looked like, how powerful they were, and why they disappeared.

Variations & Mutation

Most stories say the Fakhari were humans, or some kind of variant of humanity. Some think the humans had a lot of blood from elves, dragons, and/or spirits. Some think they were a humanoid race that was never seen before or since.   The Fakhari are said to have had a presence on every continent in Scarterra though it is commonly believed that their capital was in East Colassia though there is not universal agreement on this.  Some say they had a capital that sank into the sea.   Most stories speak of the Fakhari having great hubris and being destroyed by their hubris in some way.  Some speculate that the Nine destroyed them to preemptively prevent a Third Unmaking.   Some cultures, especially the Tiamalan kobolds kobolds believe that the Fakhari did not disappear because they offended the Nine, but they disappeared because they pleased the Nine.  In fact, they ascended into the sky en masse to join the Nine as spirits.  That is exactly what the Tiamalans want to happen to them, so of course they believe that is possible.   A few human cultures spread this version of the legend too, but not many.

Cultural Reception

The stories about the Fakhari are vague and contradictory. Some people doubt the Fakhari were real because the stories about them often read like apocryphal morality plays.   The Mereshnari have the most and most detailed stories of the Fakhari. A lot of stories involve a foolish king ignoring the advice of a wise Mereshnari priest or chieftain and then suffering for it.
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