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The Cotefeu are the largest ethnicity of humans that do not have a nation to call their own.   They are physically distinctive because they have a heavy mix of fiery and watery ethnicity.   They are spread between West Colassia's southern coast and Umera's northern coast and care common sights on the islands in between them.   The Cotefeu are the majority ethnicity of humans within the territory of the Elven Empire. They are also commonly found in southern regions of Kantoc and Swynfaredia in fairly sizeable numbers. A few even live in the dwarf nation of Stahlheim. If there is a warm coastal area, there's a good chance Cotefeu are there   Due to how to widely dispersed they are among many to their distinctive appearance, there isn't a whole lot of definitive cultural traits unifying them. Cotefeu are said to be very emotional and empathetic. A disproportionately high number of them are skilled artists. Men and women and like have a reputation for being somewhat promiscuous.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Cotefue often take on the naming conventions of the nations they are apart of, but they sometimes use their own cultural names.  Cotefue names have a lot of overlap with French names.
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