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Gnome-human hybrids

Gnome-human hybrids are sometimes called gnomans but they are usually too rare to warrant a nickname.   The size and shape of a Gnoman’s nose and ears varies widely. Depending on which facial traits are dominant a man-gnome looks like a very tall gnome or a very short human. If the mother is a human, it’s probably a fairly easy child birth. If the mother is a gnome, the child birth will likely be rough and the midwife better be uncommonly skilled or have magical powers if the mother is expected to live through the process.   Gnomes and humans generally get along well. Sometimes this leads to an unlikely romance or a brief dalliance. Depending on the culture of the human dominated area this could be unusual but tolerated or a severe taboo. The main reason conceiving gnomans is taboo in some palces is that gnomans really don’t have any advantages. They are less hardy and strong than humans and they lack a gnome’s full social graces. Gnomes tend to look on gnomans with pity, viewing them as handicapped people.   Some so called gnomans will do their best to blend in with human society (blending in with gnome society is nearly impossible) but others lean into their outsider status and often make a name for themselves as quirky entertainers or jesters.   Player characters who play handicapped characters get extra freebie points but for NPCs, the world usually isn’t fair, Gnormans are just disadvantaged people.
Gnoman Game Stats     Gnomans are very similar to humans. They have the baseline stats of any humans though they are sterile and receive no flaw points for this.   Gnomans must take at least one point of the Uncanny Appearance Flaw . They can the two point flaws if their mix of human and gnome features is especially awkward looking.   Gnomans do not have the social bonuses that full gnomes have, but gnomans usually have relatively high social attributes. Gnomans may take the Puny Flaw if they gravitate towards gnome size. They may take the Infirm flaw as well. A rare few unlucky gnomans have mis-sized feet that impair their movement. These gnomans should take the Lame Flaw.   Gnomans get the full freebie points for any Flaws they take as a result of their condition, apart from the sterility.
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