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Story Arc 5: Return to the Dungeon of Guldur

General Summary

Neshik took a pit stop to make some magic oils, magic arrows, and a few more healing potions, while Aranil and Svetlana joined Duke Zimoz's troops to put down a small group of goblins.   After the downtime they met with Umara and agreed to help her help the people of the County of Polnoc.  They also talked with their friend the duke about possibly helping their neighbor to the north.   They compared notes and concluded that the underground lake the PCs encountered was actually navigable for miles.  They could use the underground lake to help move some simple barges.   The Duke organized an expedition led by the PCs and his son Lord Andrej Zimoz, assisted by Umara and her apprentices Galil, Tabor, and Tabitha.  The duke sent a couple of knights and about 12 of his men at arms and 20 of his workers, and an engineer under the leadership of his son.   The expedition was to claim the coal and scrap iron left behind in Guldur's workshop.   Using plant magic to cover their tracks as best as they could, the large party quickly went north back to the dungeon.  As of yet, no new creatures had claimed the dungeon though there were some feral sludge elementals that were roaming the battle site where Guilder died that the PCs had to put down with Andrej and the knights.   The engineer supervised the construction of some barges and the group loaded the goods on to it and poled it across the lake.   At one point there was some playful water elementals being annoying but not threatening so they powered through it.  They crossed the flooded lair for a defunct tribe of goblins and fought the ghost of the old goblin chieftain and some goblin zombies that tired to drown some of the men.  They were able to defeat them without losing any men.  At one point, Galil dove to rescue someone.   They poled their barges until they ran out of lake, they progressed on foot underground.  They ran across a delver and bartered some of their iron to him to get it to show them a faster safer passage (and to avoid fighting the delver).  They traveled until they ran out of tunnel and went groundside to take their goodies to Castle Zimoz without further incident.   The next story arc is the PCs helping Umera prepare a militia to resist the Dirty Crow Orc Extortion Scheme but Covid and other real world things has delayed our next meet up.

Rewards Granted

The duke took the coal and iron but he paid the PCs with some Silverwood and he paid Umara's group with some weapons and armor for her new militia.   Using the Bow of Zimoz as a model, Neshik used the Silverwood to craft a potent magic bow for Aranil of similar design.   Also, Svetlana got a newly weaned pup from the duke's kennels because she wanted her character to have an animal companion.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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