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Duke Cezerary Zimoz

Cezerary Zimoz is the patriarch of his noble house, ruler of the Duchy of Zimoz and a loyal vassal to King Henryk.   He is past his prime but still mentally sharp.  He is a hand's on leader and actively manages the administration of his realm rather than pawning the responsibility on his wife or advisors like many other dukes do.   The Duke's adult son Andrej Zimoz is the commander of the his military forces and Cezeary has gradually been giving his son more administrative tasks to prepare him for the day that he will inherit the realm.

Duke Zimoz is a vassal to King Henryk and the ruler of the Duchy of Zimoz in the northern region of Fumaya. He is an ally of the PCs given that the PCs have aided them multiple times. Duke Zimoz is 48 years old and has the build of a powerful warrior gone to seed.

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