The Stahlheim Council of Elders

The purpose of the Council of Elders is not to put a check against the king, the purpose of the Council is to provide a means for our good king to communicate the edicts edicts to all the clans in an efficient manner.   -Varad, Elder of Bluepeak Blackbeard Clan
    the Kingdom of Stahlheim was once a colony of the Kingdom of Meckelorn but it became independent, but most Stahlheimer traditions are very similar to Meckelorner traditions. At first glance, the Stahlheim Council of Elders seems very much similar to the the Meckelorn Council of Elders, but the similarities are mostly surface level.   The king of Stahlheim, much like his Meckelorn counterpart, is legally required to have his major decrees and new laws approved by a vote of the Council of Elders. The main difference is that the Stahlheim Council of Elders is a council of yes-men that rarely pressure the king to withdraw decrees before the council meeting and almost never vote down the king's decrees.   In order to get the king to reconsider something, it generally takes the organized opposition of at least two thirds, if not three quarters of the Council of Elders.   The real power behind the throne in Stahlheim is the guilds. The Council of Elders is little more than a ceremonial paper dragon.   It is almost unheard of for the king's vassals to bother calling on their own local Council of Elders.
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