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Magical items as status symbols

It is not uncommon for nobles of any nation in Scarterra to seek out magical items. Magical items are useful and apart from adventurers and members of the priesthoods, it is very hard for people who are not of the nobility to be able to afford magical items.   Most nobles in other lands keep their magical items private. Magical items are either locked in vaults or displayed in the throne room in all but the most unusual circumstances. In Swynfaredia, this is often not the case. Because magic and status are so closely linked in Swynfaredia, many nobles have made a practice of carrying their magical items in public and displaying them prominently.


Very early in Swynfaredia's history, weapons are and armor were the most popular magic items owned by Swynfaredians.  Back then flaunting magical items was general discouraged to not invite the attention of thieves, but this modesty in magic items disappeared gradually over the generations.  As the Swynfaredians started to look less and less draconic with each passing generation, they sought new ways to showcase their magical heritage.   It is possible to make a magical item innocuous and easy to overlook and it's possible to make a magical item ostentatious and obvious. In Swynfaredia, most magical items crafted in the last few centuries were deliberately crafted o be flashy and eye catching whereas the nation's most ancient magical heirlooms often look completely ordinary.

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In Swynfaredia, wearable magic items are very popular, especially magical jewelry. As tensions between rival noble families in, the most popular magical item Swynfaredia is jewelry that changes color when near poison or hostile magic. Such accoutrements are both functional and fashionable in formal events.
Question: Does the practice of publicly flaunting magical items publicly lead to magical items being lost or stolen?   Answer: All the time.   This has done little to discourage the practice of nobles flaunting their magical items. They have compensating that magic item thieves are aggressively policed and punished with extreme prejudice.
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