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Kormatin Solo Session 15, 16, and 17, Kormatin makes some new dwarf friends

General Summary

Session 15, at some point in September or October 2023

  Kormatin and his allies helped with the followup of the two coups they engineered.   The party worked their way back through the Borderlands touching base with friends in the Borderlands. When they re-visited Prophet's Pass and the oracle Teresa advised they spend the month of Nike with old friends and new friends in Meckelorn.   Kormatin and his allies return to King's Lake to touch base with their allies, inform the king of what went down in the Borderlands, and otherwise tie up some loose ends. They also bought a large quantity of beer to share with some new dwarf friends.   They joined a caravan led by Dragonbane dwarf clan. They were accosted by a young dragon that they placated with a small bribe and lots of flattery.   They made it to Meckelorn's capital without any further fuss. They were warmly hosted by the Dragonbane Clan. They met with the The Sóleið, aka Dwarf Keepers and met Krogresli. Kormatin and crew also had dinner with the Heart's Fire. Kormatin and company shared beer and provided polite conversation and rousing stories to win new friends.   The group also took some downtown for shopping, study, a little of magic arrow crafting, and tourist stuff.    

Session 16, January 28th 2023

  Kormatin and company visited the surface settlement of Bloody Pass and the attached Village of Sunfire Mountain.   A while back, Kormatin's player played a temporary dwarf ranger character named Cregor for my other campaign for Story Arc 6: The Battle Against the Dirty Crows.   By an astonishing coincidence, Cregor was getting a magical item crafted in Sunfire's Pass at the same time Kormatin and his friends were visited. Cregor got a new magic axe as a reward for the extraordinary services rendered to his clan.   Shortly after Cregor got his new axe, a young ranger warned of a sighting of orc ghouls. Kormatin and company along with Cregor went to investigate and easily killed the ghouls, but it turned out to be a distraction. Dun dun dun!   Morlocks had staged a surprise attack to kidnap Krogresli, the Eclipsed Caste. The dwarf defenders managed to capture their accomplice Collme the Ollum. The local dwarves plus PCs interrogated Collme and figured out that the Morlocks were led by a skin changer witch jormanger and they were planning to eat Krogreslli at the start of the new year.   Collme agreed to guide them in exchange for being spared while Cregor took point. The party followed the trail into Scarnoctis. Under the prestense of making Collme "less ugly" Brigid constantly put magical disguises on her to make her look like gnormal gnome. The real reason was to peg her with a magical trail if she ran away. Unknowingly, the PCs nullified Collme's camouflage power this way.   Major obstacles were drop spiders, fatigue checks, and Psychic Spiders along with their horrible webs of madness and despair which temporarily afflicted Brigid and Bendek.   Cregor was a very competent guide and the group made most of their fatigue checks so the group made good time and eventually caught up with the bad guys in a large underground chamber around a life stones.  

Kormatin Session 17, February 4th 2023

  Kormatin and company had enough of an element of surprise to cast several buff spells. They opted to let Collme free of her manacles who promptly ran way the opposite direction.   The bad guys were held up in the cavern chamber around a life stone with a localized effect of very light gravity similar to the moon but with breathable air. Apart from Bendek, most of the PCs didn't adapt to this very well and a lot of them fell down. Both sides were impaired by the bad luck of the Month of Nike.   The bad guys were led by the necromancer Dhorgorlun, Jormanger Skinchanger who had a chimeric appearance with spidery compound eyes, thick skin, a rat-like nose, and a morlock style main to go with his patchy dwarf style beard.   He had three igkundian skeletons, one morlock ghoul, and four ordinary Morlocks. All the Morlocks had medium armor and falchions.   The PCs pasted the skeletons pretty quickly as Krogresli (who had by this point fully understood how the low gravity chamber worked) tumbled towards the good guys. After an ineffectual crossbow volley the Morlocks (living and undead) charged. Kormatin broke free of the melee and pushed through to Dhorgorlun and eventually struck him down.   Bendek, more less single handedly took down the ghoul. Ragani healed people, healed Kormatin of a temporary blindness spell with a Purification scroll, summoned a couple lions and the like while frequently using the team's wand of Plant ● to make it easier for Brigid to peg Dhorgorlun with invocation and later to make it easier for Kormatin to cut Dhorgorlun down.   Cregor, Ragani's lions, and to a lesser extant Brigid took down ghouls by the time Kormatin struck down the leader. The two remaining morlocks fled at this point. Brigid's invocation plus Kormatin's sword killed a third Morlock while Bendek (who figured out to navigate the low gravity) along with the lions pursued and killed the last Morlock.   Kormatin and company opted to rest in the life stone chamber for the rest of the Month of Nike swapping stories and hashing out some issues from the webs of madness. They gathered some cash crop foods and made their way back.   Once back at the temple, Khemra bestowed the five heroes with an armor enhancing magic buckle. They touched base with their dwarf friends and sold their cash crops for fifty gold pieces and attended some celebratory meals.   They met with the dwarf king's chancellor who offered them a boon for slaying one of Dyrik Mykrrún's lineage of wisdom. They chose to cash this favor in for additional support to Blue Peaks and Wooly Slopes.   Kormatin and is usually company parted ways with Cregor and left Meckelorn with Krogresli in tow. They passed through Freistadt Republic and didn't really stop. Did some shopping in the Barony of Crystal Fields, swung around Iron Hills Barony, briefly passed through Barony of Bees then stopped in Prophet's Pass for a while.   They learned that oracle Katya when asked if the threat of the hungry dragon had passed "Beware the Vengeful Dragon". Most in Prophet's Pass, Wooly Slopes, and Blue Peak assumed this met House Gorisonad was going to retaliate for taking their puppets out.   Coincidentally, during their downtime Kormatin and his allies have been pondering a plan to defraud Gorisonad since Gorisonad had sent a bounty on most of them. The vague plan essentially was to use fake bounty hunters to turn Kormatin and/or Ragani and/or Brigid and use this as a Trojan horse maneuver.   They traveled to Blue Peaks and found out that Ujarek was helping Blue Peaks train some mountain guerillas who fake ambushed Kormatin and company as practice. Kormatin recruited Ujarek as part of his fake bounty hunter scheme. They touched base with their allies in Blue Peaks, then Wooly Slopes. Then swung by the castle of their ally Baron Fyodor Deorac IV.   They heard a rumor that Fumaya had a surge in its theurgist population, confirmed when they re-met Aleesia the Satyr now had Plant ● and Purification ●. She agreed to join their bounty defrauding scheme.   The now larger group proceeded to King's Lake with Kormatin with trying to keep as low a profile as possible. He returned to his home. His roomates/employees gave him some letters and warned him that he either had some groupies or one female stalker who could change her face.   He had a letter from the Paladins of Dragon Springs Barony making a not-too convincing argument to drop the Swynfaredian conflict to go topple some of the more evil Border Barons, starting with Petty Kingdom of Mateoreino who is one of the worst Barons and is temporarily vulnerable because his main Tester lieutenant abandoned him without warning.   He also had a letter from Lord Bohdan Wiern who wanted Kormatin to keep the protection of his cousin Pallavi in mind who is currently a ward of Baron Tacitus Wiern and Bohdan suspects she may be a sorceress or favored soul and this might cause her to be mistreated by xenophobic Swynfaredia haters.   Kormatin and company checked in with Jaromir and confirmed that Fumaya has seen 1-4 new theurgists pop up in every Nonagon member except Khemra and they are spinning this for propaganda that the Nine is backing Fumaya against Swynfaredia.   Kormatin checked in with King Henryk III Linijka briefly and the session ended.
Report Date
04 Feb 2023
Primary Location
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Cover image: Dwarf Khemra Icon #1 by Me using Nightcafe to generate gold jewelry


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