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spiders, general overview

I would not want a spider for a pet, but I find spiders fascinating.   Spiders are frequently associated with the goddess Greymoria. Scarterra certainly has a lot of spiders that have direct spiritual or metaphysical ties to Greymoria, but many spiders do not.   I am fascinated by more positive portrayals of spiders in folklore such as Anasi the Trickster in African folklore.   Scarterran spiders range from tiny eaters of tiny insects to the terrifyingly large dragon spiders.   In most spider species, females are larger than males and sometimes females will try to eat the male after mating. Most sapient spiders in Scarterra are generally matriarchal, but they do not outright enslave or eat the males.

Basic Information


There always exceptions but most Scarterran spiders have eight legs, symmetrical segmented bodies, web spinnerets, multiple eyes, hard exoskeletons, some form or poison (that may or may not be strong enough to effect humans) and scary looking mandibles.

Biological Traits

Spiders are famous for having a wide variety of amazing traits but most spiders don't have them all.   Spider traits include climbing on walls and ceilings, hydrolic limbs allowing strength disproportionate to their size, web spinners, hyper acute senses, camoflage, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Genetics and Reproduction

There always exceptions but most Scarterran spiders sexually reproduce and use a type R reproduction strategy. They tend to have large numbers of offspring but invest very little in caring for them relying on strength of numbers to guarantee that some of their young will survive.   Larger and more intelligent spiders will give their young some care but even fully mortal spiders practice an extreme form of "tough love" that would disgust and terrify most humans.   Spiders often are their own worst enemies. Females will often try to eat the males after mating and many spider hatchlings will fight with and often try to devour their siblings. Different species of spiders will often fight and may try to eat each other.

Growth Rate & Stages

There always exceptions but most Scarterran spiders have relatively fast growth rates between hatching and adulthoods, reach sexual maturity pretty quick, and don't have very long lifespans.   While many males don't survive the mating process, many females exhaust themselves laying eggs to such an extent that this shortens their life, sometimes dying after seeing their babies grow like the iconic pig-loving spider Charlotte.

Ecology and Habitats

Spiders can be found almost anywhere in Scarterra and Scarnoctis. There are even a tiny number of water loving spiders that might visit Scaraqua briefly.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A few Scarterran spiders are omnivores but most are obligate predators.   It is common but not universal for spiders to liquify their prey before consumption or be primarily blood drinkers.


Most spiders, even spiders that are intelligent and/or fully mortal are very instinct driven.   While they are instinct driven, they are rarely impulsive, patience is instinctual to most spiders.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most spiders are loners, but there are more than a few glaring exceptions that form spider colonies. In a lot of cases, if you see several spiders in one place, they aren't working together, an area just happened to attract lots of spiders because of abundant prey or some other draw. The spiders don't find it worth the effort to fight the others of their own kind in this place.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Certain alchemists and poisoners like to harvest spider venom.   Some spiders that are incapable of physically harming humanoids are kept around in a semi-domesticated state for pest control but this rare.   Under certain circumstances, some types of spider webs (or spider corpses) can be harvested into reagents.

Facial characteristics

Typically nightmare inducing with terrifying eyes and mandibles.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Almost everywhere.

Average Intelligence

Varies considerably by species from fully mortal to purely instinct and reaction driven and everything in between.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

There always exceptions but most Scarterran spiders have wide peripheral vision, great visual acuity at close range and the ability to sense subtle noises and vibrations.
Genetic Descendants
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Varies, but black and dark brown are the most common.
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: black spider by Anthony :)


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