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rust monsters

Rust monsters are pony sized insect-like quadrupeds that feed on metal that has been corroded. Rust monsters usually are either solitary or with a mated pair. They live underground. They can sniff out metal within 100 yards. They prefer ferrous metal but they will attack and consume precious metal if no other option persists.   Lacking intelligence, they will usually charge straight towards the largest source of metal detected. A cunning or desperate adventurer can often easily distract a rust monster by dumping several pounds of metal and having the rust monster charge it. Rust monsters do not normally attack organic beings, only their metal possessions, though they can and will bite mortals if threatened.   Rust monsters are another monster that debuted in the Third Age. Nami’s priesthood often boasts that Nami created rust monsters as a prank against Hallisan and Phidas , but other theories to their genesis exists.   Adventurers normally kill rust monsters with little encouragement, but some dwarf nobles have posted bounties on them.
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