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Iron Embers Tribe

The Iron Embers are a distinct orc tribe in Scarnoctis being immediately distinguishable from their dominant fiery ethnicity.   Their territory includes a hot iron mine and a small life stone. The high temperature area produces plants and fungi seen in few other places.   So the tribe has easy access to iron and reasonable access to food. They just have to deal with dangerous temperature surges, poison gases, and fire resistant magical creatures.   The tribe has evolved a little bit of tolerance against the dangers of high temperatures and poisnous gases, but mostly they have to rely on their localized survival lore to recognize the warning signs that these natural dangers are coming.   Their central home was in the and around the hot areas, but they hunted and foraged in more temperate areas until recently.   The tribe of the Three-Boned Hand has been trying to subjugate every orc tribe in Scarnoctis under their banner. The Three-Bone Hand is the most brutal tribe Scarnoctis has seen in generations. They seek to enslave the females of conquered tribes as breeding stock, castrate the boys, and slaughter the men to raise as undead soldiers. By the time they got around to the Iron Embers Tribe, the tribe heard enough stories to tell that surrender was not an option.   The Iron Embers orcs were not able to decisively defeat the Three Boned Hand but they are the first orc tribe to give them a proverbial bloody nose. They were able to lure attackers into poisonous gas and other hazards of their home to let the Iron Embers slay three orcs fo the Three Bonded Hand for every loss they took, but the Hand also had a fourth.   Now the Iron Embers tribe is down to just below half their original numbers.


Shared customary codes and values

Relative to other orcs, the Iron Embers tribe has a very strong crafting tradition and makes excellent steel, not at the dwarf level but better than most other Scarnoctans. The Iron Ember orcs aim for functionality first and foremost but they still view metal working as a means of personal expression.   The tribe tends to worship Maylar and Nami relatively equally like many orcs do but they hold Korus in higher regards than is customary for orcs and they at least pay lip service to the rest of the Nine.


Beauty Ideals

The Iron Embers orcs have dominant fire ethnicity with fairly minor secondary Earth ethnic traits, a rarity among orcs who are usually dominantly earth or dominantly air   The tribe member's skin tends to be dark orange. The tribe members tend to be an inch or two taller than the garden variety Scarnoctis-dwelling earthy orcs and an inch or two shorter than then garden variety tundra dwelling orcs.   Lithe muscular builds are the norm as the Iron Embers orcs fall between the stockiness of earthy orcs and the lankiness of airy orcs.
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