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Underdusk berries

Officially called "glydebær" by some dwarven scroll heads, it is more commonly called "underdusk berries", also nicknamed, "golden nuggets" are an uncommon and generally highly sought after vine growing fruit in Scarnoctis often found in life stone fed caverns.   They are called dusk berries because they are said to have the coloration of the setting sun and they are called underdusk berries because they are only found underground.   Underdusk berries do not have any overt magical properties but they are fairly uncommon, hard to transplant, and taste very good. Sweet tasting things are hard to come by in Scarnoctis making them a highly sought out luxury.

Additional Information


Underdusk berries only grow near life stones.   Most, but not all attempts to transplant underdusk berries fail, but many dwarves and others have had success cultivating and pruning them so that that vines expand in their native chambers.   Since lifestones are not affected much at all but the passage of the seasons, underdusk berries grow year round. A well tended vine can provide four, maybe five harvests a year.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

"Most dwarves are not big wine drinkers (at least not in front of other dwarves) but dwarves love golden nugget wine and pay top coin for it.   -Fielwa, Meckelorn gnome Serving Wench
  Underdusk berries when ripe, taste very good, but that don't last very long when picked. Usually they are dried and candied to make "dusk raisins" or juiced and fermented to make "golden nugget wine".   Dwarves are more likely to make wine from it, and more nomadic underground denizens are more to make dusk raisins.
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