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Demonic Strait

When the first Demon Lord, the Harbinger, to enter Scarterra was also the first Demon Lord to be destroy   The Harbinger was said to be destroyed by a large coven of wizards working a ritual invocation, depending on whom you ask they also got an assist from one or more of the Nine. In event between the death of the Harbinger and all the magical forces brought to bear, the force caused the continent of Colassia to split into two, West Colassia and East Colassia.   Because the most powerful Demon ever known died there, along with hundreds, if not thousands of underlings, this strait is commonly called the "Demonic Strait".¬† Elves commonly call it "Strait of Vaxidor" because they believe the elf hero Lensa Vaxidor¬†is responsible for slaying the Demon Lord.   Despite the fact that it literally has a demonic origin, the strait doesn't appear to be holding any significant supernatural taint, at least as far as Scarterrans know. The Straight is fairly straight forward to navigate and is crossed by ships routinely except in winter when high winds and ice make crossing the strait fairly dangerous.     It is has a poor reputation among Scaraquans. While they don't suffer a recurring demon problem it does make up fairly cold and inhospitable waters underwater agriculture is impossible and fishing is scarce. The reputation is that the only Scaraquans that dwell here are outcasts trying to distance themselves from respectable society.
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Strait of Vaxidor
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