The Dark Sea

The Dark Sea to Scaraquans is what Scarterrans call "The North Sea." The region makes up all the ocean water north of East and West Colassia and is both the figurative and literal end of the map for both Scarterra and Scaraqua .   Without powerful transmutation or invocation magic, Scarterran ships cannot safely transverse the North Sea in the winter months because otherwise the ship will probably get stuck in ice.   Sailing is possible in the summer months. Sailors have to keep an eye out for ice bergs and dress warmly, but it's far from impossible to sail here, not that there are many places to sail to.


There is a very narrow band of shallow sea floor near the coastline but the water becomes deeper very quickly moving to the north.   To get to the rest of Scaraqua, the main thoroughfare is the Demonic Strait or one could swim around East or West Colassia.     if you keep swimming north in the Dark Sea, eventually you would hit a solid wall of ice separating the The Void from Scaraqua.   It was originally assumed that Void Demons that enter Scaraqua initially cross the The Barrier on the Scarterran side and the dive into the water (Void demons do not have to breathe so they are fully capable of killing things above or below the sea.   It was fairly recently discovered that the wall of ice separating Scaraqua from the Void is permeated with many small tunnels that demons can swim through directly into Scaraqua.  Unsurprisingly, very few if any Scaraquan nations have sponsored an exploration into frigid demon infested waters, so the full specifics of the watery section of the Near Void is as of yet, unknown.

Ecosystem Cycles

Fish feed on plankton and algae and bigger fish feed on the smaller fish, much as elsewhere in Scaraqua.

Fauna & Flora

These waters are cold and dark sparsely populated. The beasts and monsters that do swim here are all adapted to the cold in some way and very strong and tough.   The few barbarian tribes that swim here are similarly strong and tough.
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North Sea (Scarterran)
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