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Turoch resurrection cults

For many expecting punitive afterlives, or even those merely fearing a long boring afterlife, the prospect of their soul meeting the oblivion of being consumed by Turoch would be considered preferable to an eternity of torment or being a cosmic serf.   Fortunately most people this concerned about their afterlives try to follow the tenets of one of the Nine promising a pleasant afterlife, rather than struggle for utter oblivion, but a few weirdos do seek oblivion. Also, a few people just like to see things destroyed. People of both groups sometimes have unite with the goal of resurrecting Turoch, sometimes through mystical research, sometimes they just hope they can bring Turoch back if they do enough damage to the temples of the Nine. No group has come remotely close to resurrecting Turoch yet.   Any nihilistic cult can expect near universal opposition, though priesthoods don’t care a whole lot. It is widely believed by most priests that Turoch can never be raised and that these so-called cults are only a threat to the people they murder and are not a threat to cosmic order. Opposition to nihilists comes from secular governments more often than from temples.
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