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Zarthus' Dawn

Zarthus' Dawn occurs on the first day of Zarthus' Zodiac Month which coincides with the 1st of the Month of Hayseed on the secular calendar.  
"Zarthus Dawn is not a big deal for some Lanterns, but this day is very important Lanterns than lean towards the Homesteader's Camp.   We renew communities ties on this day.  Recognize new members among the local Lanterns and our parishioners.  We bless children.   A few pragmatic communities incorporate some seasonal agricutlural rituals into the Zarthus rituals.  It is the first day of Hayseed after all.   Some Zarthus friendly communities have small parcel of pasture land ceded to the Lanterns and often make a ritual of the community harvesting hay from this land together and donating it to temple.  Hay is not exactly an extravagant donation but the symbolism of the community working together is more important."   -Zajac, Fumayan Lantern
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