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The Desert of Tears

All Void demons turn into a pile of salt when they die.  Many times during the Second Unmaking, enough demons died in a single location for the influx of salt to change the terrain, so there are many salt flats created by the Second Unmaking but the most famous is the Desert of Tears.   The area is desolate and empty except for the occasional undead remnant but it does have one major draw and that is gem stones.   In fact, it is the presence of gems that gives the Desert of Tears its name because gems are widely believed to be the physical representation of the Nine's own tears.

Fauna & Flora

The area has very little moisture and is not very hospitable to life, even without the supernatural taint.  Only a few hardy plants exist here and even fewer animals.

Natural Resources

The Desert of Tears is also called the Great Salt Wastes, so obviously the region has lots of salt. Very few salt miners are tempted. Salt is not exactly a rare resource in Scarterra and there are many other less remote, less dangerous places to gather salt.   The Desert of Tears has a fair amount of gem stones that give the region its namesake if one is brave and patient enough to sift through the salt and the dust.


The Demon Lord known as the Annihilator was slain here, but at great cost.   Unlike the other Demon Lords, the Annihilator did not focus on the largest population center, the Annihilator gave special target to the less populous races with the goal of eradicating them to the last individual.   By the time the Annihilator's army was cornered, many species were already wiped out and more than a few were not literally exterminated but there were too few survivors for the race to recover. A great many of the warriors battling the Annihilators were the last of their kind. Supplementing these battle hardened orphans of lost races were a great many kobolds, a small number of elves , and a great many spirits, as destruction by a demon is one of the few ways a spirit can truly die.   It is believed that no single day every saw more spirits manifest at once and a great many faced oblivion.


A few adventurers go into the desert to try to look for gems or make a name for themselves fighting undead, but not many.   While there are still many gems to be found here, the area has had infrequent prospectors for many centuries so most of the gems closest to surface have already been gathered.   In addition to the danger of fighting undead, the danger of running out of food and water is very real here.
Alternative Name(s)
Great Salt Wastes
Salt flat
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