East Colassian Mountains

The East Colassian Mountains are the second tallest and longest mountain in Colassia.   It forms the natural barrier defining the borders of the land of Kahdisteria.  Beyond the mountains is the Great Colassian Desert apart from the northern tip where the mountains form the buffer between Kahdisterra and the land of the Yeti and the southern tip of the mountains which forms the buffer zone between Kahdisteria and Mineraland of the Colassian Confederacy.   While Kahdisteria and to a lesser extant the Colassian Confederacy have established a few mines, the area is mostly rugged and unclaimed by civilization.   The mountains are frequently the home of assorted goblin, kobold clans, small bands of free Chay humans, and assorted lone monsters of various species.   A lot of runaway slaves ultimately die in the mountains or are recaptured by dark elf  slave catchers but a lucky few manage to join a goblin or Chay band.   In addition to a lot of unclaimed mineral wealth, the mountains supposedly hold a lot of valuable artifacts from the First and the Second Age that attract brave and foolhardy treasure hunters.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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