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Amstrea is an independent port city in northern Penarchia.   The locals brag about being the most free nation on Scarterra.  It's certainly religiously free with even the most loathed religious factions like the Decadents are usually open about their affiliation.   Almost anything can be found here for the right price.


Roughly 80% humans , 7% gnomes , 6% tengku, 3% elves, 4% other.   Because of their religious tolerance and the mercenary culture of divine spell casters here, Amstrea has more theurgists per capita than almost any other location on Scarterra.


A hereditary ruler is nominally in charge.  Traditionally the title of the ruler is Prince, not King.  In a lot of ways Amstrea is run more like a criminal enterprise than a nation.   The Prince's rulership style is to let almost happen as long as commerce continues smoothly and there isn't chaos.  If there is chaos in the streets, he will have his soldiers crack down one whatever the Prince believes is the cause of the problem.   Enforced is almost nonexistent but "gifts" to the Prince are highly encouraged and a are good way to convince the Prince's goon squad to mess with someone else.

Industry & Trade

There is some farm land in the surrounding area and a local fishing industry, but over a quarter of the port's foodstuffs and almost all of their raw materials come via imports.   The laws in Amstrea are fairly permissive and easy to bypass.  Anything and everything is for sale here.  A lot of theurgists associated with unpopular factions work openly here and sell their magical services to the highest bidder as do many mages.  Non magical ruffians such as thieves, pirates, and hired killers also ply their trades here.  Prostitution, gambling, fencing of stolen goods, and the sale of contraband is rife here.   Slave trade is one of the few things that is technically illegal here, but this is poorly enforced and mortal trafficking is a regular thing here.  When the dark elves buy and sell human slaves from and to other humans they tend to do it in Amstrea.   There is plenty of more reputable trades here too.  Amstrea is conveniently located serving as a sort of connecting point between Penarchia, East Colassia, and the Elven Empire.


Centuries ago, Amstrea was a small farming and fishing community heavily influenced by the Cult of the Compact.   As trade routes expanded, Amstrea grew into a busy port.  Amstrea had a tradition of unrestricted worship where nothing short of Infernalism was deemed heresy.  This ended up making Amstrea a haven for more violent and antiestablishment religious factions and this ultimately attracted secular criminals and unsavory types.

Natural Resources

The farmlands near the port city are small but fertile.  Local fishing is pretty good.  There is adequate but not exceptional timber resources and almost no mineral resources.
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