Most of the Confederacy is on or near the coast, Midlandia is not. Their lands make up the large border area between the fertile southern coast and the arid northern desert.


90% human, 5% gnome, 5% other   Noble 3%, craftsmen 10%, Professional soldiers 5%, farmers 20%, herders 41%, farmer/herders 21%


The army is mainly composed of lightly armored foot soldiers with spears and shields supported by medium and light cavalry.

Industry & Trade

Midlandia has some cropland fed by rivers, but most of their people are herders. They provide much of the Confederacy’s meat and cheeses. They also have lots of sheep and the quality of their weaving is widely praised. Wool goods are their chief export. They also have a fair amount of honeybees and export honey and honey wine. They have a little bit of mining for ore that is close to the surface but that’s a pretty small industry. They have a little bit of iron and tin mining for ore that is close to the surface, but they have to import most of their metal goods.   Timberland is almost non-existant. Midlanders have to import a lot of fire wood and coal to heat their homes.
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