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Magicland has a hereditary king but a wizard's coven is the true power behind the throne.   Magicland has a renowned university that is a center for all types of learning, not just magic. The university wields a lot of informal power over the Coven and the king.


Race: Human 87%, Gnome 6%, Tengku 2%, Half Elf 1%, Other 4%   Social Class: Noble 2%, Academic/Coven 10%, Craftsmen 10% Agrarian 78%   Magicland banned slavery and serfdom. About one third of the agrarian class are yeoman farmers. About one third of the agrarian class are sharecroppers working for wealthy independent land owners and the remaining third are employees working on the farms owned by the Coven or the university.


The backbone of their military is a small elite cadre of heavily armored men on foot. When a threat requires the Coven get involved, the mages will typically avoid the front lines, instead the Coven likes to cast every empowerment spell on their soldiers that they can muster pushing their abilities beyond human limits.   They can also mobilize a large portion of their agrarian class as a militia but this is only kept in reserve in the event full on war with Kahdisteria.

Industry & Trade

Magicland is the most self-sufficient of all the Confederacy in terms of resources. Magicland enjoys the most diverse food options without needing to import anything. They have a little bit of seafood, a small number of fertile pasteurs, a small number of lands ideal for grain crops and a small number of lands ideal for root crops and a small number of lands ideal for orchards. Their mineral resources are not very impressive but it’s better than nothing, much like their fishing industry.   Their main exports are magic or lore, but both the Coven and the university employ very skilled herbalists. Thus the nation exports a modest amount of herbs and spices. Food resources are so diverse they have little need to import food (unless they want something luxurious). They do import a lot of metal worked goods, especially since the Coven often has very exact requirements for their metal goods.


Magicland is famous for arcane fonts that let mages restore their quintessence quickly and provide abundant natural regents to harvest. They have a copper mine that serves a minor elemental font that is an alchemists dream. Magicland meets its fuel needs with ample timber. They are a coastal power in the way that Mississippi and Alabama are technically coastal states. They share a tiny bit of a navigable river with Mera Land but they have a lot of small streams fed by the nearby mountains which provide for their fresh water needs.   The Wizards of the Coven have a huge library. The non-magical aspects of the library can be accessed by the general public for a nominal fee. Magicland has bustling university and center of learning that the Coven draws most of their new recruits from. Magicland produces many renown alchemists, healers, historians and other men and women of learning.

Guilds and Factions

The Coven is the true power behind the throne in Magicland. The Council of Wisdom also wields some influence.   The most celebrated scholars are invited to join the Council of Wisdom which has no formal power, but both the king and the Coven take their recommendations very seriously. If a peasant feels oppressed, his best, maybe only recourse is to lodge a complaint with the Council of Wisdom.


  Behold the wisdom of Aadaya, Professor of Divination Magic as she speaks of people less educated than her.   Marginallanders: It turns out the desolate northwest corner of the continent is actually inhabited, by humans no less. And what’s more amazing is they somehow had someone literate enough to sign the Treaty of the Confederacy!   Musselanders: One thanks the fisherman for his services, but one does not invite him into the banquet hall.   Mooringslanders: The Mooringslanders control the only port to the outside world. We are the only source of wisdom and scholarship on the continent so we must be able to import books from the rest of Scarterra to continue our scholarship. Therefore we must tolerate the avarice and small mindedness of the port’s guild masters.   "Marshlanders": One thanks the kennel master for his service, but one does not invite him into the banquet hall.   Meralanders: It is good that we are neighbors. Their mettle and our magic makes a very potent combination. I rest easier knowing that this alliance is keeping our lands and the rest of the Confederacy safe from our enemies.   Mineralanders: I will hear no words against these stalwart allies. Without their resources they mine, the Confederacy would have little more than sharp sticks to keep our enemies at bay.   Mereshnari: The Mereshnari claim ancient blood and ancient traditions. I dare not gainsay them. They cloak a surprising amount of wisdom underneath their savage exteriors.   Midlanders: One thanks the butcher for his service, but one does not invite him into the banquet hall.   Riverlanders: It is good that we are neighbors. Our wisdom and their industriousness make a potent combination. I rest easier knowing that this alliance is keeping our lands and the rest of the Confederacy well-fed.   Half-Elves:  If you spoken with enough of the dark elves' bastards, you will notice that they all either loathe their elf relations or they loathe themselves. They are objects of pity, but they are not a threat to us. We don't need to make these pour souls' lives any worse than they already are.   Goblins: The free goblin tribes are slightly more detrimental to the dark elves than to us, so do not slay them unless their trespasses grow intolerable.   Kahdisteria: It is galling that these rapacious slavers have far greater libraries than we.   Dabeshi: Beasts and vandals. They make good target practice for our invokers.   Yeti: I’ve long been curious about their strange cultural practices. Perhaps we should send a scholar up north to learn of their ways and chronicle them.
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