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Colassian Confederacy

The Colassian Confederacy is a political and military alliance in East Colassia. The members of the Confederacy have pledged to aid their fellow members against attacks by dabeshi and dark elves.       The Confederacy is united by common enemies but they disagree on many things. The most divisive issue is the question "How should we deal with goblins?"   The goblins are oppressed by the dark elves just as we are. We should work with them   Marshlandia Mooringsland   The goblins are not our enemies but NIMBY   Magicland Meraland Musseland Half of Marginalland   Goblins are lesser creatures, the dark elves were not wrong to put them to work and neither are we.   Mariverlands Minerland   Goblins are a pestilence and need to be wiped out   Mereshnari Midlandia Half of Marginalland

Public Agenda

To allow the members of the confederacy to present a unified front for mutual defense against aggression from dabeshi and dark elves.   Some members would like to change their confederate charter to show a unified front against "all threats," or at least add "Uskalan aggression to the charter" but as of yet, this has not happened.

An attack on one is an attack on all

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