Greater Mereshnari Tribe

For most of their history, the Mereshnari were a collection of culturally similar but politically separate clans. They sometimes even fought each other.   The shared threat of the dark elves and the formation of the Colassian Confederacy prompted them to become more organized.   Each large gathering elects one of their members to be a "Confederate Lord," or if the last appointed Confederate Lord is still alive they vote whether to renew his title or elect a new Lord.   The four or five Confederate Lords are the official liaisons between the Mereshnari and the more civilized nations of the Colassian Confederacy.   The Confederate Lords elect one of their member to be the Lord of Lords. In the unlikely event they cannot reach a consensus, the Lord of Lords is determined by a duel. The Lord of Lords is the military commander of all Mereshnari and the ultimate authority across all clans.   Since Kahdisteria and the Colassian Confederacy signed an armistice, the Lord of Lords has become a ceremonial title.


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  Here the words of Janesh the Outrider as he shares what he learned from his many travels.   Marginallanders: They do not share our blood, but they share our struggles. We both understand what is like to live where water is scarce and allies are far away.   Musselanders: I always look forward to being a guest for these friendly and cordial folk during times of peace. During times of war, I prefer strong warriors besides me.   Mooringslanders: They have gained great wealth as traders, but they grew so civilized that they lost their warrior’s edge. Will your trinkets protect you from our foes?   "Marshlanders": They are strangers in a strange land. I can never relate to them, but I bear them no ill will.   Magiclanders: It would do them well to leave their libraries and explore living in the real world more often, but I cannot deny they have power and wisdom in their own way.   Meralanders: The Paladins are harsh in their rule, but they recognize that Scarterra is a harsh world.   Mineralanders: It one thing to delve in the earth, but another thing to force goblins to delve in the earth for you. We are united by a common foe and nothing more.   Midlanders: The midlanders still have much blood of the Meresh through their veins and keep many of the old ways. I am proud to call them brothers.   Riverlanders: The riverlanders still bear a trickle of Mersh blood. They are our cousins and I am pleased to call them allies.   Half-Elves These half-breed bastards are born of evil. Pity them, but do not trust them. They should thank us profusely for allowing them to live.   Goblins:: Vermin, but a hundred times less threatening than our other foes.   Kahdisteria: These days, the elves rarely travel west of the mountains. If war resumes, they will probably attack by sea and there is very little the Maresh can do to help our friends if this happens.   dabeshi: Our constant battles with the filthy hyena warriors keep our sword arms strong.   Ice Biters: There are orcs in the north. At the moment they are occupying land that no one else wants, so I am content to leave them in peace...for now.   Yeti: I only visited them once and very briefly at that. I cannot deny that I sensed an air of nobility and honor among them, alien though it was.
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Alternative Names
desert runners
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
Other members of the Confederacy say that “salt is the coin of the Mereshnari.” They will trade in coins but they much prefer barter. Salt and spices are used for routine minor transactions. Livestock and metalwork goods are used for major transactions.
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