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Confederate satyrs

"Confederate satyrs are probably the smallest herd in Scarterra. There are maybe a couple dozen of us on the entire continent of East Colassia, not counting any foreign satyrs passing through a port temporarily. They are welcome by the way, we are always happy to share news with out distant kin.   A couple hundred years or maybe a couple thousand years ago, there was at least one large tribe of satyrs leaving hoof prints all over the savannah, but dark elf slavers and dabeshi cannibals decimated them ages ago.  
Nearly all of us Confederate satyrs are the descendants of escaped satyr slaves. The elves may think they treat their satyr slaves well but according to my grandparents, who were ex-slaves, they treated their satyr slaves like treasured pets. Pets they order to play music for them and occasionally sleep with.
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  The fact that they got better food and lodging than the human slaves did not make it better. I'd rather haul rocks than be some elf noble's pet goat. Even if she was pretty...I'm getting off topic.   Satyrs don't being told what to do and we don't do well in captivity. Centuries ago the elves claimed to own over two thousand satyr slaves. Now Confederate spies report they only have a couple hundred. A lot of satyrs either escaped or were killed for trying to escape. Most of the satyrs the elves till have in captivity have now are magically bound rather than physically bound.  I cannot imagine the effect of that on body and soul long term, must be Hell...I'm getting off topic.   During the War, about half the satyr ex-slaves chose to join the Confederacy an take up arms against their former masters and the other half got on the first ship leaving the continent that they could find. Obviously my grand goats stuck around to fight.   After the Armistice, even more satyrs left. During the War, the humans were delighted to have tenacious athletic goat legged warriors fighting at their side. Now that we are supposedly at peace, things are more complicated.   Then as is now, not everyone in the Confederacy agreed with the Armistice Treaty. Some humans said we shouldn't stop the war until every last slave is freed. Most of us satyrs agreed with them and still do. This means the pro-Peace confederates often don't like us much.   The Musselanders and Marshlanders know how to let their hair down and party but on the whole, East Colassian humans are pretty stuck up and repressed and thus they are intimidated by us. Though sometimes repressed humans can really let loose in private. The appeal of forbidden fruit...I'm getting off topic.   I know that satyrs aren't goats, but it is still unnerving that the humans here seem to eat goat meat at practically Every. Single. Meal.   The local humans are a handsome lot and more importantly a sturdy lot, but there is an unspoken downside to hooking up with them. Most half-satyrs look very much like half-elves and while the Confederates might pretend otherwise, they do not truly accept half-elves among them. We satyrs tend to get along fairly well half-elves, we actually treat them like people.   There are some good things about the continent too. The hot dry climate agrees with us. We like dry areas, but not too dry, the yetis and dabeshi can have the tundra and desert to themselves for all I care. The climate means both we and the locals often dress light. As I said, the locals are rather attractive...I'm getting off topic.   The lands of Confederacy produce some of the best wines and mead in Scarterra and decent ales, vodkas and whiskeys too. In fact, if they lost the mead, I'd probably make goat tracks out of the continent. This is also where coffee bean is grown and you know we satyrs were the first to discover the potential of the coffee bean.   Our herd is stretched over all the Confederate lands of East Colassia, but we are concentrated in some areas. We are not exactly a huge fan of the nobles Mariverlandia, but they have great wineries and coffee plantations here so most Confederate satyrs that work on a farm work here. A lot of satyrs gravitate towards "Marshlandia" and Musseland because the humans in these places are free spirited and lively, true kindred spirits. Many of the most aggressive goat-legged elf-haters are in Mineraland because that will certainly be the flashpoint when the armistice with the dark elves breaks down and it is the first stop for most runaway slaves. A few more scholarly oriented satyrs gravitate towards Magicland and a lot of the more social oritented among us like to rub elbows with foreign humans and Poseidonus satyrs in Mooringsland.   Not every land in the Conferacy is very satyr friend. The Mereshnari and their cousins among the midlanders don't trust half-breeds and they consider us half-breeds. Mineralanders often falsely accuse of being lazy and Paladins of Meraland are not shy at calling us degenerate lecherous heathens."   -Basim, apothecary and reagent dealer


Major language groups and dialects

Most Confederate satyrs now teach Common to kids before any other language, but almost all of them make it a point to learn Elven to understand the tongue of their enemies.

Culture and cultural heritage

Given that most enslaved satyrs were forced to perform music for their masters, Confederate satyrs are less likely to focus on developing their musical prowess as a matter of pride.  They especially avoid instruments that the dark elves like, especially lyres and flutes.  Confederate satyrs prefer drums and other percussion, all the better for setting a beat to dance to.   Most satyrs like to dance, but Confederate satyrs especially like to dance, as they as they aren't compelled to do it.

Common Dress code

Most confederate satyrs will try to dress to blend in wearing similar clothes to whatever the local humans are wearing though they tend to be more than a little on the revealing side.  That is hardly unusual for any satyr given that satyrs are very sensual beings but Confederate satyrs also have the practical issue that they have furry legs in a warm climate and this means dressing light is actually practical.   A few Confederate satyrs compensate for their cultural past of being almost literal sex objects that they choose to dress conservatively as a counter statement, or at least conservatively for a satyr.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Confederate satyrs usually name their kids two weeks after birth, give or take.  The infant is traditionally covered in dust then washed ceremonially.  Confederate satyrs usually pick a human cultural name for their sons and daughters rather than a traditional satyr name (which are very similar to traditional elf names and thus not likely to well received in the lands of the Confederacy)

Coming of Age Rites

Young men and women alike go on a ceremonial hunt with minimal water rations.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Their numbers are so small and their efforts to assimilate to the local culture is high, so Confederate satyr funerals tend to resemble Confederate human funerals, though with more drinking and sex afterwards.
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