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Musseland controls a large inlet to the sea that is treacherous for large ships but is great for harvesting fish and shellfish.


In some ways, the government of Musseland is a microcosm of the Colassian Confederacy itself.  It is a hybrid of a feudalistic state and a republic.   There are several hereditary lords with relatively small land holdings.  The various lords are united by culture and mutual self interest but they do not have a single absolute leader.   The government system of Musseland is very decentralized, and this decentralization sometimes causes problems. Musseland has about a dozen local lords that make joint decisions through discussion and voting in a group they call the Council of Lords. The Council of Lords will vote on officers to act on behalf of Musseland as a whole such as the army's general, the fleet's admiral, and an ambassador to each of the other Confederate nations, among other positions.


Their government system is a microcosm of the Colassian Confederacy and has been for many centuries. Musseland was the first nation to propose the idea of the Confederacy, a fact they are very boastful about.


Each of the Lords is responsible for recruiting, training, and equipping their own levies of soldiers.  Because of this, the national army is not very uniform in their weapons or tactics.   Most commonly the lords rely on levies of infantry with shields and spears or crossbowmen.


Worship of Greymoria and Maylar is highly discouraged but not illegal. Locals are generally polytheistic. According to them, Zarthus is said to smile on their decentralization, Hallisan smiles on the people’s courage and work ethic, Mera and Korus respect their wise custodianship of nature’s bounty, and Mera likes to come to Musseland’s parties.   Did I mention Musseland has a reputation for arrogance with the other nations of the Confederacy?  Because they are very braggadocios.

Foreign Relations

Goblin policy is NIMBY.  Musseland sympathizes that they share a common enemy with the goblin people and they certainly don't want to fight goblins but they don't want goblins anywhere near them.   They get along well with most of the other nations of the Colassian Confederacy, but they have a not undeserved reputation for arrogance and braggadocio.

Agriculture & Industry

Musseland is formed by the largest inlet to the sea in East Colassia. Unfortunately the inlet is pretty rocky. It’s not impossible to move a large cargo ship through safely, but it’s not easy, so you mostly see lots of small boats, lots of fishing boats. The inlet is rich in seafood, especially shellfish.   The land around the inlet is fairly hilly. The main food crops are fruit trees and potatoes. Musseland also has a fair number of vineyards which makes wine their main export.   Mineral resources are limited but the hills have a few small useful mines, especially for coal which is what most locals use for fuel in lieu of wood.   Timberland is sparse and there isn’t much good stone or clay for buildings so homes and fortifications tend to be fairly small and modest.


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Hear the words of Gaatha, Lantern of Zarthus as she speaks of those she met.       Marginalland: They are hardworking and brave, at least when they are serving their own interests.   Mooringslanders : The bustling port is a lovely place to visit. So many different people in one place! I wouldn’t want to live there though, best not get dragged into the inter-guild struggles.     "Marshlanders" : Our spiritual brothers. Like us, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty with hard work and they understand how important a strong community is.   Magiclanders : The wizards and their puppet rulers are more than a little arrogant and stuck up, but they at least see to the basic needs of their commoners.   Meralanders: The Paladins keep the commoners well fed, well protected, and healthy. Why then do their wards' eyes seem to carry such sorrow?   Mineralanders: Their practice of keeping goblins “laborers” is going to bite them in the ass someday. I just hope Mineraland doesn’t bring down the whole Confederacy when their mines collapse on them.   Greater Mereshnari Tribe: I am a daughter of the sea, they are sons and daughters of the desert. I never know how to relate to them, but at least they keep the dabeshi at bay.   Midlanders: Pleasant enough though a little soft…like wool. It’s not their fault I guess, but any dark elf raider has to pass through our lands to attack them and any dabesh raider has to get past the desert runners. It’d be nice if they showed a bit more gratitude for the protection they receive.   Riverlanders: They outlawed slavery and serfdom, even for goblins, generations ago. Still the common folk live a rough life on the farms and plantations even if though they are technically “free”.   Half-Elves:  No one chooses their parents. I pity them. Zarthus wishes us to be merciful to bastards and offspring. We dare not turn these poor bastards away, but we dare not fully trust them either.   Goblins: We should be able to make common cause against the dark elves, but the goblins are too stupid to tell the difference between a human and an elf.   Kahdisteria: Slavers and rapists. They must all die. We never should have signed that armistice.   dabeshi: They don’t usually push this far south for which I am very grateful.   Yeti: Too far away to matter.
Geopolitical, Lordship
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Economic System
Major Exports
Mainly wine and to a lesser extant, seafood, but wine is a lot easier to ship long distances.
Major Imports
Metal goods and timber.
Parent Organization
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