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The most fertile cropland of the Confederacy.


  Lady Laalsa the coffee plantation owner speaks of those in the lands she trades with.   Marginallanders: If the potato farmers want to be independent and free of obligations to the Confederacy, we should let them be independent and be done with their whining.   Mooringslanders: I do enjoy seafood once in a while, but I don’t know what else they can contribute.   Mooringslanders: Without their skilled sailors and merchants, where would we be? We’d be little better off than the Marginalanders!   "Marshlanders": Pathetic rabble and yet they somehow have the audacity to pretend to have the blood of the mighty Fakhari flowing through their ignoble veins.   Magiclanders: They have great knowledge and great magic. This means they have great power. Those with great power deserve great respect.   Meralanders: Lords and ladies should require obedience from the peasants, but there is no need to crush the peasants under your heel.   Mineralanders: Their practice of using goblin serfs is risky, but it seems to be working for them.   Mereshnari: Pay them well and speak to them with respect. Without the desert runners, the dabeshi would destroy us all.   Midlanders: Our poorer cousins. They do the best they can with what Korus has given them.   Half-Elves: Given the low esteem dark elves hold for their "half-human" spawn, I don't think we have to worry too much about spies among them. They are hard workers and are loyal to the Confederacy for the simple fact that they have no where else to go. I will gladly hire any half-elf who wants a job and show them what it's like to work for lord who respects them.   Goblins: We tried to work with them, but they wouldn’t take to it. I take no joy in their deaths, but I will not allow them to steal my crops or harm my workers.   Kahdisteria: I do not believe war will resume with the dark elves anytime soon, but I’m not letting my guard down.   Dabeshi: By the Nine do these monsters breed! We kill them by the score but they never seem to stop coming back.   Yeti: Our lands our closer to the Yeti than most, but it’s still a huge difficulty for us to contact them. If war with Kahdisteria should resume, we would do well if we can convince the Yeti to open a second front against them.
Geopolitical, Principality
Parent Organization

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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