East Colassian gnomes

East Colassia has fewer gnomes than most places in Scarterra.   Gnomes make up less than 1% of the population of Kahdisteria (most of these are residents of the City of Light) and only about 3% of the population in the nations of the Colassian Confederacy   Gnomes are one of the very few races that are illegal to enslave under Kahdisterian law. Recently Kahdisteria has made an effort to engage in peaceful reciprocal trade with other nations. The dark elves have opened up the City of Light to outside visitors and merchants. While there are no proven cases of visiting to the City of Light being kidnapped and sold into slavery, there are persistent rumors which loom like a shadow over the port and discourage traders from visitors. Because they are exempt from being enslaved, a plurality of the tradesmen coming to port are gnomes. It's still not very popular. Many gnomes who trade regularly with the dark elves are actually pariahs within the gnome community.   In most human dominated lands, gnomes are welcome. In the nations of the Colassian Confederacy, gnomes are merely tolerated. This is one of the few places where members of the Order of Delas would be wise not to broadcast their group affiliation. Many East Colassian humans have not forgiven the Order of Delas for negotiating a separate treaty with the dark elves and leaving the human and half-elf slaves to twist in the wind.   Gnomes are generally kind hearted and have silver tongues, so it's rare to find East Colassians that actively hate and oppress gnomes. East Colassians may even like gnomes as individuals, but as a group they are shunned.   That is largely why gnomes are less common in East Colassia than elsewhere, a lot of gnomes have chose to emigrate to more welcoming pastures. Gnomes that stay in East Colassia either tend to be withdrawn into their own communities or overcompensate with exuberance and patriotism towards their adopted nations.
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