City of Light

The City of the Light is the city built around Kahdisteria's busiest naval port.   Recently, in a controversial move to improve Kahdisteria's ability to engage in peaceful trade with foreign nations, the Raykar has recently opened the port to all traders, even from areas normally hostile to Kahdisteria.   The denizens of the City of Light try to present a friendly and non-threatening face to visitors. Even the name City of Light is propaganda against the Kahdisterians common nickname of "dark" elves. Within the City of Light, public punishment of disobedient slaves is forbidden and any dark elf that is caught harming or even cheating a visitor is severely punished.   Other nations are reluctant to trade with Kahdisterians and generally only the boldest entrepreneurs dare risk it but trade is slowly growing.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake