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Ketaresh mining complex

Ketaresh loosely translates into Ice Cave Mines. Ketaresh, situated in the East Colassian Mountains is the coldest and least hospital fiefdom claimed by the nation of Kahdisteria. Ketaresh is a massive complex of tunnels and caverns carved into the rock and ice.   It is one of the largest and most expansive underground The Ketaresh mining complex is the biggest source of silver in all Kahdisteria. It is however, a very cold and harsh place.   Most of Kahdisteria's yeti slaves are eventually transferred here slaves and they make up over half of the workforce. Any non-yeti slaves working in Ketaresh were probably sent to this particularly mine as a punishment and they will probably be literally worked to death.   Most of the elven overseers and guards in Ketaresh are also being punished. Despite being paid 20% more than their counterparts in other mines, very few dark elves want to work here. Elves don't like being cold.  
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  Not only is this an unpleasant work assignment, it is a dangerous one. Even the elves can lose extremities from frostbite or die of hypothermia to say nothing of the welfare non-Yeti slaves. While the Yeti have no problem surviving in cold temperatures of Ketaresh, that does not mean they like working there. Yeti slaves will strike out at their elven overseers given half a chance.   There are also rumors that something is stalking the tunnels indiscriminatingly preying on elf and slave alike but the overseers are covering up these disappearance as "mine accidents."   The free yetis and the Colassian Confederacy are aware of the existence of Ketaresh, and there is tentative talks about perhaps liberating the mining complex, but neither the Colassian Confederacy nor their Yeti allies are aware of exactly where Ketraresh is.


15% elves, 60% yeti, 10% humans, 10% goblins, 3% half-elves, 2% other.

Natural Resources

Kataresh has large quantities of silver ore and a few veins of other types of ore.  There is also a small harvestable stalk of haber crystals in the complex.
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