Screaming Fields

The demon lord known as the Successor did not try to wipe out mortals entirely like the other demon lords tried to do, the Successor attempted to set up massive prison complexes to house mortals, force them to breed and feed from these soul farms indefinitely.   The Successor did not discriminate but mostly focused on farming goblins over farming other races because of the mortals of the the Second Age, goblins were the fastest breeding mortal race.   Most, if not all, of the Successor's prisons were torn down brick by brick. It is believed that the Demon Lord known as the Corruptor was allied to the Successor and used the Successor's prison farms for test subjects for the Corruptor's experiments.   The largest and most well-known prison occupies the ruinous site now known as the Screaming Fields. The Screaming Fields are so called because the very stones are believed to cry out in terror at night.   The land around it was and is fertile but no one dares clear the overgrown ruins for farming because the taint of the the Void clings to the location millennia after the end of the Second Unmaking.

Localized Phenomena

The area is haunted by many incorporeal undead creatures.  Most of the undead spectral remnants have supernaturally augmented auras of fear and attack the sanity of identity of mortals they encounter.

Fauna & Flora

The area has been reclaimed by nature.  During the day, the Screaming Fields seem normal almost pleasant, with wild flowers and pleasant trees while rabbits and deer run through and birds singing in the trees.   At night most animals, even predators, keep a low profile, staying in their nests and burrows dead quiet and try to avoid the things out there.
Rock Formation
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