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Apex of Maylar

The Apex Maylar begins on noon on the 20th day of Maylar's and extends till noon on the 21st. This coincides with the 20th and 21st of the Month of Afternike on the secular calendar.    
"Lesser priesthoods allow or even encourage casual worshipers to join their apex holidays, but we do not. This day is for Testers and Testers alone. Winter is still in full force so casual looky-loos wouldn't want to be outside anyway. The Testers test all of Scarterra for weakness but who tests the Testers? We do. Every day, but this day above all. We call this Challenge Day.   This is an auspicious day for one Tester to challenge another.   To answer your unspoken question, 'Are these fights to the death?' Not necessarily, only about half of these challenges are lethal. It is permissible to yield, and it is permissible to show mercy a defeated foe who fought honorably, but no one should issue a challenge on this day if they are not willing to kill or be killed."   -Zomath, half-orc brigand.
"One of the many things the Herders of Men do that irks other Testers is invite casual worshipers to participate in the Apex of Maylar with us.   If we want to legitimize public Maylar worship we need to have open Apex celebrations like the rest of the priesthoods have on their Apex Days.   We show our strength on this day but there are more ways to demonstrate strength than to fight to the death. We host a lot of open athletic competitions on tis day including a few more fanciful contests such as haggis eating contests.   I heard that northern Kantoc has recently begun a public jousting tournament in Maylar's honor on this day though it is not heavily attended."   -Ujarek of the Herders of Men
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