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Khemra's Zenith

Khemra's Zenith starts on noon of the 20th day of Khemra's Zodiac Month and extends till noon of the 21st day.  This coincides with the 10th and 11th days of Midsummer on the secular calendar.  
"Khemra is merciful and kind but also a stern and fair judge.  At no point is her righteous judgement stronger than on her Zenith as the shines bright upon us.   On this day, we judge others but we judge ourselves more harsher than anyone.  We Keepers make penance for our sins and advise our parishioners to do the same.   We review and renew the oaths we are under.  This is also an auspicious time to make new oaths of any kind be they oaths of fealty, oaths of marriage, or even simple promises."   Jaromir, Fumayan Priest of Khemra
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