Korus' Verdance

Korus' Verdance is on the first day of the Month of Korus on the Zodiac calendar and the 20th day of the Month of Stirring on the secular secular.  
"The scent of spring is in the air, but it's not quite upon us yet.  Planting season is going to be upon us within a fortnight and planting season is when our parishioners depend on most.   We give wise Korus the honorifics he is due, but we know Korus needs hard work, not adulation.  After the worship ceremony we get down to business and make sure every member of our order knows what is expected of him and her during the upcoming planting season and that everyone has the tools and knowledge needed to do their jobs."   -Green Reverend Brynn, Steward of the Gift   
"When winter is fading but spring has not yet arrived, we gather around Korus' most sacred and secluded groves to ready for the coming Spring.  We gather in numbers in ways that are rarely the rest of the year.   We renew our ties to Korus and each other.  We shower Korus with praise and supplication. We prove our devotion by watering the soil with her blood.  Thus we nourish the earth with our spiritual energy so that the land can recover from the winter and usher in a verdant spring."   -Selenar, wood elf druid, Stewards of the Dominion 
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