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Sometimes, individuals end up with a price on their head. Then these individuals have to deal with bounty hunters.   Technically, any one can collect any bounty if they bring the right quarry to the right person. Most people who collect a bounty are people who hear about a bounty then accidentally run into the target of said bounty and then turn the person in. Once.   Professional bounty hunters actively go looking for bounties and bring in multiple bounties or die trying.  

What sets the pros apart?

  Most of Scarterras most famous (or infamous) bounty hunters work as hunter duos.   Typically lone hunters eventually bite off more than they can chew and die. Whereas full adventuring parties that try to be full-time bounty hunters to fall apart because they are splitting their prizes too many ways.   Because the most well known (and feared) bounty hunters work in pairs. Most mediocre and amateur bounty hunters also work in pairs to emulate the greats.   These duos often have a brain and brawn dynamic where one partner does most of the investigative legwork and the other party kills or subdues the target. Often the most effective duos, both partners are brainy and brawny and they are a well coordinated team.


Social Status

Bounty hunters are generally considered disreputable.   Most bounty hunters break more than a few laws and cultural mores in the pursuit of their careers. Also, most people who decide to become bounty hunters had a disreputable past to begin with.


Dangers & Hazards

The biggest risk faced by bounty hunters is the risk of going after a quarry that fights back or has friends who fight back.   There is also the risk of running into legal trouble.   There are legal bounties, semi-legal bounties and illegal bounties. In order to make a full-time living as a bounty hunter, most hunters end up pursuing all three types of bounties.  
Legal bounties are issued by a monarch or some other lord and the quarry is captred in lands under the jurisdiction of the lord who set the bounty.   Semilegal bounties are issued by a lawful ruler but the quarry is apprehended in a foreign land and dragged back into the bounty issuer's jurisdiction.   Illegal bounties are issued by people with no legal right to demand someone's capture or death, such a bounty issued by a vengeful merchant or mafia don.
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  All that said, the legality of pursuing bounties is rarely an issue. Most feudal princes don't have the ability to police their lands enough to stop illegal bounty hunting. Even then, it's hard to prove someone is pursuing an illegal bounty.   A bounty hunter might be arrested for attempted murder, kidnapping, tresspassing, or even maleficum but they are unlikely to be arrested for "illegal bounty hunting."
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