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Hallisan's Solace

Hallisan's Solace is on the 40th day of Hallisan's Zodiac month which is concurrent with the 20th of Blooding on the secular calendar.  
"When among humans one must do as the humans do. Same with dwarves. It is not always easy to be a gnome and a Guardian.   I am continually impressed by the humans' and dwarves' to band together during a genuine crisis and act in a united front when the stakes are high. When the stakes are low, we see a lot of pointless infighting. Regardless of race, we Guardians are usally pretty headstrong and can get bogged won in ecclesiastical debate easily.   Few things are more frustrating to me than to watch the dwarves and humans argue over how best to observe the day of Hallisan's Solace.   It is very common for priesthoods to use the day of their deity's Solace as a time to memorialize the honored dead, but the Day of Hallisan's Solace is four days after Samhain which is also a traditional time to memorialize the dead.   Is it proper for a Guardian to pay homage to the honored dead on Samhain, Hallisan's Solace, both or neither? Should we have a raucous feast or a quiet period of somber reflection? What about a tournament?   Whatever we do, should we limit to Guardians and our most pious parishioners or should it be open to the general population.   I believe as long as your heart is with Hallisan, the details are unimportant, but I haven't won over many of my taller brothers and sisters with my gnomish pragmatism."   -Sister Ragani, gnome priestess
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