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Zodiac Holidays in general

"There are twenty-seven zodiac holidays not counting New Year's (does New Year's count as five holidays or one? who knows). Twenty-seven. Three for each of the Nine.   Most of the Nine have two or three holidays that don't fall on their Zodiac month in addition to their three Zodiac days.   Then there are the secular holidays. It is SO important we acknowledge the king's birthday, the prince's birthday, the last king's birthday, and the date the nation was founded and the national feast day.   Then you family holidays, name days and anniversaries, if we stopped working on each and every special day, we would all starve to death.   With all respect to the Nine, I feel no guilt whatsoever blowing off a Zodiac holiday."   -Havro, Fumayan peasant farmer
"Nine's blessings be upon you child. As I'm sure you know, the Zodiac calendar has a forty-day month for each one of the Nine.   We recognize the first day of the month as the Dawn of that deities month and the last day of the month as the Solace of that month. The lay people are welcome to join us during these days, but these ritual days are mostly only observed by members of priesthoods.   The night of the 20th and the day of the 21st of each month is called the Apex or Zenith. Usually the general population recognizes these time with some simple honorifics to the deity in question, but nothing too elaborate.   Of course we have a nine-year Zodiac style as well as a nine-month Zodiac cycle. Often, when the year and month line up to the same deity, more people are likely to observe the Zodiac days for that deity that year."   -Priest Benek of the Cult of the Compact
  Dawn of Maylar, Maylar 1, Afternike 1   Apex of Maylar, Maylar 20-21, Afternike 20-21   Maylar's Solace┬áMaylar 40, Horning 10   Mera's Dawn, Mera 1, Horning 11   Mera's Zenith, Mera 20-21, Horning 30-Stirring 1   Mera's Solace, Mera 40, Stirring 20   Korus' Verdance, Korus 1, Stirring 21   Apex of Korus, Korus 20-21, Verdance 10-11   Korus' Solace, Korus 40, Verdance 30   Dawn of Nami, Nami 1, Afterverdance 1   Nami's Zenith, Nami 20-21, Afterverdance 20-21   Nami's Solace, Nami 40, Thrimlich 10   Greymoria's Verdance, Greymoria 1, Thrimlich 11   Apex of Greymoria, Greymoria 20-21st, Thrimlich 30 through Embers 1   Greymoria's Solace, Greymoria 40, Embers 20   Khemra's Dawn, Khemra 1, Embers 21   Khemra's Zenith, Khemra 20-21, Midsummer 10-11   Khemra's Dusk, Khemra 40, Midsummer 30   Zarthus' Dawn, Zarthus 1, Hayseed 1   Zenith of Zarthus, Zarthus 20-21, Hayseed 20-21   Zarthus' Solace, Zarthus 40, Harvesting 10   Hallisan's Dawn, Hallisan 1, Harvesting 11   Apex of Hallisan, Hallisan 20-21, Harvesting 30 through Blooding 1   Hallisan's Solace, Hallisan 40, Blooding 20   Phidas' Dawn, Phidas 1, Blooding 21   Zenith of Phidas, Phidas 20-21, Forenike 10-11   Phidas' Solace, Phidas 40, Forenike 30   New Year's Observances, Turoch 1-5, Nike 1-5
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